Monthly Archives: October 2017

The path from the physical body to the social person

The second of the variations mentioned above the distinction between the character and the physique, helps you to answer fully the question, exactly what does the physique that is bodily permit to be always an individual that is sociable? Just the chance of conversation with additional people that are sociable consequently, no person may get […]

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Analysis of social interactions

Another essential idea, which tries to describe is symbolic interactionism. This theoretical and methodological route concentrates about the analysis of social interactions primarily inside their representational info. Really, he nonetheless realized that, unlike animals, people endow their actions of others as well as actions with specific representational associations that surpass their purely actual meaning. Followers […]

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Value orientations of modern youth

At present, modern society is in a very difficult situation. After the change of political regime, the country has not come to its senses yet. All foundations were shaken, value orientations were lost, spiritual and moral ideals disappeared. In search of new ideals, we lose our traditions and foundations and begin to destroy ourselves. We […]

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