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Sociology of the late XIX – early XX centuries

August Comte (1798-1857) German thinker is the ancestor of sociology and the founding father of the positivist pattern in technology. Their primary works: “The span of good viewpoint” and “the machine of politics that is good”. One of Comte’s substantial accomplishments is the fact that he completed the category of their techniques as well as […]

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Population reproduction – the main demographic process

Replica of the populace is susceptible to the organic regulation of continuous home restoration of humanity’s motion. You will find three social historic kinds of replica of the populace: advanced conventional and contemporary. Organic replica of the population’s procedure contains the population’s resumption by era intercourse, marital status territorial. Within this link, the sociable and […]

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The content of the methodological section of the sociological research program

Within mathematical analysis span, associations and particular mathematical designs are unveiled that permit the sociologist to make findings and certain generalizations. To handle mathematical evaluation, sociologists make use of a many various numerical techniques that permit an extensive and complete analysis of the gathered info. In contemporary sociology, for this function desktops are earnestly utilized, […]

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Society as a Human Product

It should be apparent within the foregoing the assertion that man produces himself in no way indicates some type of Promethean viewpoint of the individual that is single. Guy’s individual production, a social company is fundamentally, and certainly. An individual males and buildings, which are psychological together, produce atmosphere. None of these buildings may be […]

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Young family as a special social category

Changes in the social and cultural spheres of modern America affect all forms of social life, where one of the most important is a young family. A number of concrete historical, psychological, sociocultural factors that cause deep changes in it influences presenting itself as a complex and extremely unstable system, the young family. This aggravates […]

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