Sociological Research

To know the phenomena and processes of the social world, it is necessary to receive reliable information about them. In sociology, the source of such information is the sociological study

Methods of sociological research

The technique may be the primary method of digesting accumulating or examining information. Strategy is just an idea that people may signify some methods related to this process, including their series, personal procedures and interrelation. Process the series of the overall program of steps all procedures and the method the study is structured. Declaration is […]

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Program of sociological research

Sociological research’s program is among the most sociological that is significant files, which offers the procedural and methodological angles for the sociable object’s analysis. This program of research can be viewed as whilst strategy and the concept of the particular review of the specific scientific item or trend, that will be the theoretical foundation of […]

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Stages and types of sociological research

Intellect study may be sociological analysis easiest kind, which allows fixing restricted issues. Actually, when this kind can be used, the instrumentation (methodological documents) is examined: a questionnaire, a questionnaire, cards, research of documents, etc. Study that is detailed is just a more complicated type of sociological evaluation. Using its aid, scientific info, which provides […]

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