February 19, 2018

Sociology of the late XIX – early XX centuries

August Comte (1798-1857) German thinker is the ancestor of sociology and the founding father of the positivist pattern in technology. Their primary works: “The span of good viewpoint” and “the machine of politics that is good”. One of Comte’s substantial accomplishments is the fact that he completed the category of their techniques as well as sciences. As well as in this “standard category of sciences”, sociology is positioned in the top of the chart like a basic technology adding all understanding of culture.

Sociology splits sociology interpersonal statics, made to examine the framework of its architectural components society, and interpersonal character, which discloses the improvement of society’s regulations.

The sociological that is real component may be the household, performing being an intermediary between culture and the person. In addition, to preserve purchase and improvement in culture (among the primary slogans of the theories of Comte) need solidarity, which means.

Understanding of culture in general

Interpersonal improvement researcher recognized about the ascending point as improvement, where progress main facets would be the psychological and religious improvement of person, and also the supplementary competition, environment, and life span.

Utilizing historic comparison’s method, Comte developed the fundamental regulation of improvement that was interpersonal rational development of humankind’s law, or even the regulation of three phases. Within the historic improvement, three phases are recognized.

Self-control and obligation

The theological, phase includes antiquity and the early Dark Ages as much as the century, once a spiritual worldview centered the culture. The time is included by the second, transcendental, phase in the 14th towards the 18th century, where everything was recognized by people including culture, more like a normal trend than the usual unnatural one, around them. The 3rd phase that is good starts within the century. Moreover, it is linked to the thriving the improvement of life, of technology, tradition, business. During this time, the culture required a brand new philosophy, satisfying a part. Therefore, a medical good viewpoint is sociology.

Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) is definitely a British researcher who has regarded the founding father of a natural college in sociology, or an organism. Their primary function that is sociological may be the three works “Fundamentals of Sociology”. The substance of Spenders natural concept is the fact that he treats culture by example having a natural patient, and its own individual components (condition, chapel, training, etc.) with areas of your body (center nervous system, etc.).

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