October 1, 2017

Value orientations of modern youth

At present, modern society is in a very difficult situation. After the change of political regime, the country has not come to its senses yet. All foundations were shaken, value orientations were lost, spiritual and moral ideals disappeared. In search of new ideals, we lose our traditions and foundations and begin to destroy ourselves. We do not see the point in our existence, so we do not notice how we gradually disappear.

Modern youth is developing in the very difficult conditions of breaking many old values and forming new social relations. Fifth, understanding that only through their own activity can achieve success in life; they are looking for ways to solve emerging problems. Therefore, young people are left to themselves in all respects. In our time, public opinion on certain actions from the younger generation does not have the power and influence, for example, about 40 years ago. Therefore, young people do not have prohibitions. They learn from their mistakes themselves.

Now we have a young generation left for ourselves. Parents at work, and adolescents, if not employed in any circle, and then they have plenty of free time, which they spend on a computer or something else not very useful. Because of this, not knowing what to do, what to do, informal movements are formed, a couple having a bad influence on young minds.

For example, the famous German philosopher Hans Link believes that the value is an interpretation in which the subject expresses his preferences. In addition, value is a concept used in philosophy and sociology to denote objects, phenomena, their properties, as well as abstract ideas that embody social ideals and act as a standard due to this.

The analysis of all points of view and their unification is carried out by the science of values axiology. The values are what life is for. Moreover, a pair of terms value and idea put an equal sign, but it is not. The idea can become a value in the event that, apart from neutral content, carries with it a general aspiration to realize it. After all, when we achieve something, we lose interest in it. And the value, even realized, does not lose its quality due, it is still ahead, because, even realized, it must be in the process of implementation, implemented in every new act of life, always retained as life itself.

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