August 23, 2017

Barriers to human interaction

Of course, these combinations of sound or light waves are also transmitted with the help of short-lived material carriers, however, in contrast to the momentary, moment information transmitted by animals, information expressed in symbols can be fixed (and afterwards, after an arbitrarily long period of time, reproduced, perceived, deciphered And is used) on such material carriers that persist for a long time, being imprinted on stone, wood, paper, film and magnetic tape, magnetic disc.

They, unlike natural carriers, existing in nature in ready form, are produced by people, are artificial objects. The information on them is imprinted in sign symbolic form by changing certain physical parameters of the carriers themselves. This is precisely the fundamental basis for the emergence and development of social memory. The very second signal system, being the basis for the emergence of generalized abstract thinking, can develop only in the course of specific social interaction.

Anyway, if there are no conductors that act as bearers of material carriers of information, there can be no talk of any interaction. However, when the conductors are present, there will be neither space nor time to interfere with the interaction. You can call Los Angeles to your friend located on the other side of the globe (a conductor a telephone cable or radio waves transmitted by an artificial satellite of the Earth), or write him a letter (a conductor paper and mail delivery means) and thus enter into Interaction with it.

Moreover, you interact with the founder of sociology, August Comte (who is already a hundred and fifty years gone), reading his books. Look at what a long chain of interactions lies between you, how many social subjects are included in it (editors, typesetters, translators, publishers, booksellers, librarians) they, too, in turn, are the vehicles of this interaction.

We have already noted above that sociology, in contrast to such scientific disciplines as, for example, psychology or social psychology, studies not only direct and direct interaction occurring in the course of direct contacts between individuals. The object of her research is all kinds of social interactions.

You interact with many people you know and do not know when you are speaking on the radio, publish an article in a magazine or a newspaper, or, as an official of a sufficiently high level, sign your name with a document that affects the lives of a very large number of citizens. Moreover, in all these cases it is impossible to do without material carriers of information, as well as those or other conductors that transmit this information.

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