February 1, 2018

Young family as a special social category

Changes in the social and cultural spheres of modern America affect all forms of social life, where one of the most important is a young family. A number of concrete historical, psychological, sociocultural factors that cause deep changes in it influences presenting itself as a complex and extremely unstable system, the young family. This aggravates the problems of the young family and makes them the subject of state policy. In this connection, it becomes necessary to identify the most painful points that threaten the well-being of a young family, which actualizes the problem that is being investigated in my work.

The changes taking place in modern society require an active life position of a young family characterized by a specific set of values and life strategies of its members. In the conditions of modern social changes, the young family, first, is experiencing both positive and negative consequences of such changes. Socio-economic, moral and psychological difficulties faced by a young family, predetermine its insecurity and infringement. This affects the social well-being of young spouses, their self-actualization in professional activities.

Interest in this problem is due to a vivid manifestation of crisis trends in the functioning of a modern young family, affecting all spheres of its life. This crisis implies the failure of the institution of the family to perform its basic functions, with which it has successfully coped before. However, these processes do not indicate its decline; it is rather the transformation of the patterns of family life, which require serious reflection, both at the theoretical and empirical levels.

In addition, the relevance of the study of the institution of the family is due to the fundamental changes in the whole of society, which most directly affected its foundations and traditional foundations. Of course, this exacerbates the social situation of the family, causing crises and a drop in the importance of the family as a whole. However, excessive dramatization of the situation does not contribute to an objective analysis of the changes taking place in the modern family. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize the special attention to identifying and studying the potential for its adaptation in conditions of changes and the influence of the external environment while maintaining internal stability.

Modern trends in changing family patterns of behavior particularly affect the young family. She, experiencing the processes of her own formation, is not always able to adapt effectively in a changing environment, unlike a family with experience that has already accumulated internal resources for this. In addition, the attempts of the young family to adapt often lead to the disintegration of its structure and the mismatch of specific family functions and social roles. Therefore, up to 70% of all divorces occur during the first five years of living together.

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